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December 14, 2020 3 min read

Commonly known as a strut brace or strut tower, a Strut bar is a rigid metal rod used to provide you better car handling. As the car moves, it undergoes stress as the chassis absorbs a lot of pressure or energy produced by the force of inertia and gravity.

Chassis is a base framework for a car on which the whole car body is supported. Most car components like transmission system, wheels, electrical system, and Axils are mounted on the chassis. It is the backbone of the vehicle on which the entire load is applied. So, it can also be called as a carrying unit of the vehicle. Strut Bar connects the chassis' underside by connecting four major points underneath your chassis that undergo stress while driving the car. Strut bar reinforces the chassis by connecting two stress points together.

How does a Strut bar enhance car handling?

Car handling refers to how the car is stable and how the car feels. Since the car is handled well, you can have better control of its speed. The key purpose of installing a strut bar is to make your car handling easier and better while driving. Strut bars do not increase corning speed or lap times, but it makes your vehicle playful when cornering at higher speed as the strut brace redistributes the excess stress or pressure from one strut tower to another. It helps to keep your car steering stable even at high speeds.

Installing a strut bar enhances the overall rigidity of the car. As a result, the car chassis does not flex when the car hits a bump or takes a hard turn into a sharp corner.

The strut bar usually has five different install positions: Front Upper, Front Lower, Rear Upper, Rear Lower C-Pillar H-Bracket, depending on the handling characteristics of the vehicle.

Just like other car modifications, car strut bars come with many advantages.

Here are the advantages of strut bars;

  • Stiffer chassis- If you own an older car with stiffness issues, installing a new strut bar will provide stiffness to the chassis, ultimately making the car handling improved. However, if the car is new, it is not supposed to have chassis stiffness related issues. In that case, installing the new strut bar will not benefit your car.
  • Minimize wear and tear- Strut bar redistributes stress or pressure between left and right strut towers. All the pressure and power generated while driving the car will evenly get shared across the car cassis. As a result, wear and tear associated with the pressure will also get reduced.
  • Easy to install- Installing the Strut bar is easier as long as you have chosen the correct unit. Strut bars are designed specifically for each application. So, if you have purchased the right strut bar, you will not require any drill machine to install it. You can install it without requiring jacking your vehicle up. But before you install, check if there is enough space with the hood. And then bolt it on the chassis without over-tightening it.
  • Multiple design options- Most vehicles come with multiple design options to consider. For instance, triangle braces can be fit into Mustang build before 2005. You also have the option to choose a separate two point-shaped strut bar. This option works best when it is impossible to install the standard strut bar. The triangulated three-point bar is used to tie the both strut towers and your firewall to add more stiffness.

Strut bar is an inexpensive car modification component available in different shapes, sizes, designs, and materials. Usually, aluminum is used to design the strut bar to provide it stiffness.

Build Fast Car is a one-stop destination to get aftermarket car components, including Strut bar. Here you find Strut bars designed by Megan Racing. Megan Racing upholds its brand image of being one of the biggest manufacturers for aftermarket car parts across the United States of America. The company provides an extended warranty with their aftermarket car components.

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