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2x Firestone W01-358-8729 Air Ride Air Suspension Spring Bag For Arvin Meritor

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Firestone Industrial Products allow you to buy with confidence. No one has more stringent production and testing standards than we do. In fact, Firestone air springs often outlast other maintenance items on your suspension, such as bushings, shocks, leveling valves or regulators. It is a commitment that we are willing to stand by. Not only do we have an industry-leading warranty, we also have the lowest warranty claim rates in the industry. Now that is reliability you can count on

  • Require little to no maintenance, Replace worn out oem air bags
  • COMPATIBILITY: Air suspension spring bags can be mounted on general-purpose vehicles such as trucks, coaches and trailers. By installing an air spring, the vehicle height is automatically reduced when the vehicle is driving at a high speed, thereby improving the grounding performance and driving stability. When passing slowly through the bumpy road, the chassis automatically rises to improve the passing performance.
  • EFFECT OF THE AIR SPRING: 1.Lower sense of vibration (more speed limit reduces the sense of vibration); 2.stronger load (can withstand larger loads); 3.low noise and comfort (lower noise for better comfort); 4.longer life (strong corrosion resistance, stable performance, long service life)
  • CHARACTERISTIC: The air spring can protect fragile cargo transportation, bodywork and various accessories through its own frequency, and Improve and reduce the body's convenient loading and unloading by means of additional functions of the adjustment device, Reduce the impact on the road through its own frequency, protect the road surface and extend the life of the road.
  • QUALITY ASSURANCE : Install a new air spring to solve the collapse of the body, abnormal noise, shock absorption. Our store has perfect after-sales service, so you can buy it with confidence and use it with peace of mind.
  • Compatibility Part Number:
    Firestone Part Number: W01-358-8729
    Firestone Air Spring Style Number: 1T17BB2
    Firestone OEM Number: W01-R88-8729
    Arvin Meritor: 202796, A2258F1410
    ContiTech: 1010AV13P513, 1010B13S513
    Goodyear: 1R13130, 1R13-130, 566263055
    MERITOR: A2258F1410, 202796
    Springride: 1R13261
    Triangle: 8513, 6396


  • Genuine Firestone Airide replacement air spring W01-358-8729 improves driver safety and productivity and require little or no maintenance. Replaces Meritor 202796


Note: Do not use air springs above the recommended safe extension height
In order to extend the life of the air spring, do not use the air spring below the minimum compression height
Do not use air springs in a twisted state

Product Content:

  • 1 x Air Spring

No Instruction, Professional Install Recommended

Manufacturer Part Number: W01-358-8729, Meritor 202796, 1T17BB-2
Interchange Part Number: A2258F1410, 1010AV13P513, 1010B13S513
Other Part Number: 1R13130, 1R13-130, 566263055, 1R13261, 8513, 6396