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Black Universal High Efficiency Car Voltage Battery Cable Stabilizer Regulator+Mounting Plate

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This innovative battery voltage stabilizer system maximizes the efficiency of electrical components in your car by combining an electrical grounding system with a battery current and voltage stabilization control unit. Meanwhile, this Voltage Stabilizer would enhance smoother engine operation, more efficient electrical component operation, and more stable electrical current. Moreover, it is specially designed with high water and heat resistance.

  • Color: Please Check Our Store For Additional Color (Black, Blue, Gold, Gunmetal, Purple, Red, Silver, Titanium)
  • Engine Improvement:
    • Smoother engine and better engine response
    • Better Throttle Response and improves ignition flow, Virtually Increases Horse Power and Torque
    • Optimized engine power and reduced exhaust emissions
    • Lowered fuel consumption of typically 3%-6% and increased engine efficiency
    • The four positive effects listed above are achieved through improved ignition performance, more precisely regulated fuel and ignition systems and more precise operation of electronics management systems via elimination of high-frequency voltage fluctuation
  • Electronics Improvement:
    • Improved operation and precision of electronic control devices (optimal operation of ECU, TCU, sensors, electric power steering, etc.)
    • Improved operation of other noise sensitive miscellaneous electrical devices (audio system, etc.)
    • Increased lifespan of batteries, the charging system (alternator), and electronic devices through reduction of harmful electrical distortions.
    • The positive effects listed here are achieved trough reduction of electrical distortions that affects the electrical devices, electronic devices, the battery and the charging system.
  • Specially Designed with High Water and Heat Resistance
  • Professional Installer is Highly Recommended (No Instruction Included)